Myths of Long Drive

Myths of Long Drive

  1. Long Drive doesn’t take any real skill, just strength

If that were true then all the best long drivers in the world would be the strongest people in the world! Long drive is about speed, and it takes skill to achieve speed.

  • The average swing speed on the PGA tour is 115 mph and the longest hitters will average 125 mph. A top male long driver will swing at 138-140mph.
  • On the LPGA tour the average swing speed is 95 mph and the longest hitters will average 110mph. A top female long driver will swing at 115-118mph.

That’s skill!

Jamie Sadlowski, is 5 ft 11, 170lbs, a 2 time World Long Drive Champion and is currently a professional golfer on the Mackenzie tour.

  1. Long drivers cannot play golf

While there are professional long drivers who compete exclusively at long drive events, there are many top long drivers in the world that are professional golfers on various tours around the world.

Dan McIntosh, Alberta ALD Canada Series Director,  is a PGA of Canada golf professional, with a low score of 62 and is the world’s longest left handed golfer. Paul Howell, is a professional long driver ranked 10th in the world and plays on the GPro Tour and the Minor League Golf Tour.

    1. Long Drivers use special illegal clubs

    Nope! All long drive clubs have to be USGA approved and meet the conforming standards. This means that you can use the same driver that you use at a long drive event on the golf course. At each ALD event, the drivers are always checked and tagged to make sure they are legal. Drivers cannot exceed 48 inches in length.

    Brooke Henderson uses a 48 inch driver on the LPGA tour

    1. Long drive will ruin your golf game

    Actually it’ the opposite! Adding extra length to your tee shots allows you to get more aggressive on the course. With long drive training you learn about the various factors that produce speed and you can put all those into play at a long drive event without the fear of losing a golf ball!

    “I have trained many long drive professionals, PGA, LPGA, Senior PGA and mini tour professionals. Long drive training provides them with the knowledge to swing faster. This creates a confidence in them to trust that they can make a faster swing on the golf course resulting in longer drives off the tee.”  Bobby Peterson, Founder - One Stop Power Shop, long drive coach.

    To participate in an ALD Canada event you don’t need any special equipment. Just your driver and some tees.

    If you can hit the minimums, then you are well on your way to being a long driver.


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