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What is ALD Canada?

Long drive is a sport where competitors hit a golf ball as far as they can.

It's exciting to watch and it has captured the attention of golfers worldwide. Participants have two minutes to hit six golf balls and the longest ball that finishes in the grid wins. Fueled by music and cheering from the stands, the energy of the event ‘drives’ competitors to hit the ball as far as possible to win. ALD Canada is a long drive tour composed of a series of events across Canada. Series events cater to all ages with hitters competing in divisions by age and gender. Once you get your Membership, members can compete in any ALD events worldwide to earn ranking points. Top points winners get selected for ALD Team Canada to compete at the ALD World Championships.


The rules of Amateur golf have changed recently and cash prizes are now allowed for amateur golfers. ALD Canada will pay cash prizes for divisions of more than 4 hitters. The amount of cash paid will vary based on funds raised and # of entries and will be made public prior to event start. In order to participate in ALD Canada events you must be an amateur golfer This means you cannot participate if:
- You are a professional golfer
- You are a teaching professional
- You are a current professional long driver

If you were deemed a professional long driver prior to this rule change, you can send an email to [email protected] and request to be reinstated as an amateur for the purposes of long drive events only.

Divisions for All ages


2023 Long Drive Season

Please remember to purchase your membership before you register for any events. At each event, you will hit a minimum of 2 sets of 6 balls each. You will have 2 minutes to hit 6 balls. After your 2 sets, the longest drive of your 12 balls is your score. If there are more than 4 hitters in your division you will have elimination sets as well. At each event, you earn ranking points.

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