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ALD™ Membership

ALD Membership ensure your eligibility on the Tour and provide you access to all ALD Events

Event Registration Costs

Canadian Events

  • Price per event: $150 CAD

    Event Divisions

    The effective age for competition in any division is as of Jan 1st.

    Boys & Girls

    7 and Under

    9 and under

    11 and under

    13 and under

    14 – 17

    Men & Women

    18+ (ages 18 to 34)

    35+ (ages 35 and up)

    45+ (ages 45 and up)

    50+ (ages 50 and up)

    55+ (ages 55 and up)

    60+ (ages 60 and up)

    65+ (ages 65 and up)

    70+ (ages 70 and up)

    The effective age for competition in any division is based upon your age on Jan 1st.

    There will be a Veteran/Military division for both male and female Open, Senior, and Super Senior divisions at the Major qualifying events (USA) and the World Championships. To compete as a veteran, competitors must be a current or former member of the United States or Canadian Military.

    There will be an Adaptive Division for both male and female competitors at the Major qualifying events (USA) and World Championships.


    Golf Clubs

    Golf Clubs must appear on the United States Golf Association (USGA) conforming list and any that do not appear will not be allowed in competition.  Clubs must conform to the USGA Rules of Golf (Appendix ll, 1c), which limit the length of the club to a maximum of forty-eight inches (48”).  All players will be required to have their clubs inspected and cleared on-site prior to competition and will be measured on a Mitchell Golf CLUB LENGTH Measuring Ruler.

    Golf Balls

    Players are required to use the golf ball provided by ALD at all events.  Players are also required to ensure their golf balls are visible at all times on the hitting deck. Each player hits 6 balls in one set and has 2 minutes to complete the set.


    Any legal golf tee is permitted in ALD Competition.


    Recording Drives

    Only a player’s longest Qualified Drive will be measured and recorded. Official Yardages will be determined utilizing grid workers, Leupold laser rangefinder equipment, and/or physical yardage markers. In events and qualifiers where laser range finders are utilized, grid workers positioned along the sides of the grid will mark the longest ball for each hitter in each group by standing over the ball wearing a color-matched vest. An ALD™ official will record the (laser calculated) distance from the tee box to the grid worker.

    Qualifying Drives

    Each player will be scored based on their longest drives. Qualifying drives must come to rest inside the grid and meet or exceed the minimum length for the respective division. Qualifying drive lengths may be adjusted for weather and grid conditions at the discretion of the ALD™ official.

    Actual qualifying drive minimums will be determined on the day of qualification based on grid conditions.

    Drives that exceed the length of the grid shall qualify if (in the opinion of the ALD™ official) they are within the established grid width using his/her best judgement. In the event two or more qualifying drives exceed the grid, and the measurement of those drives are necessary to determine round transfers or wins, the ALD™ officials will use their best judgement to determine the winner.

    Scoring Ties

    Any drives that are deemed to be in the running as a winner in a division that are within six inches (6”) of each other are considered a tie. In the event there are two or more such confirmed yardages recorded, those tied players will hit four (4) additional balls in one minute and thirty seconds (1:30) playoff to determine the final winning drive. A playoff will continue until a winner is determined. If one of the players is not present for the playoff, the player present will be deemed the winner.

    Teeing up the Ball

    Each hitter is not permitted to tee multiple balls prior to hitting. Balls must be teed up one at a time in succession after hitting each one.

    What if I miss the gird?

    The grid is 40 – 45 yards long and balls must come to rest inside the grid. If you miss the grid in all 6 balls a score of 0 yards will be assigned to that set.

    Earning Points

    Your Pathway to the World Championships

    Series Events

    You can qualify for the World Championships by being the top points winner in your division in your Series. World ranking points are awarded for participation and event results. ALD Canada will hold Series events in Alberta and Ontario.

    World Ranking Points

    World ranking points can be earned via Series events and double points can be earned at Regional Majors.

    Pathway to the World Championships - Summary

    Click image below for a visual of the pathway.


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