How to Participate

How to Participate

1. Buy your Membership (Tour Card).

2. Enter the events of your choice.

3. Send in your entry fee.
Click the button below to view the qualifying yardages required to be eligible for competition.
How far do I have to hit to compete

Get Your Membership Card

  • You must obtain an ALD Tour Card to participate in Long Drive Events
  • Obtaining your Tour Card means that you become a member of ALD and allows you to participate in ALD Events Worldwide.
  • Tour Cards must be purchased from the ALD USA site, as ALD Canada is a part of ALD USA
  • Purchasing from the ALD USA website does not mean you are limited to USA Events, it qualifies you for Canadian events and Global Events.
  • Register for ALD Events once you have purchased your Tour Card by clicking the button below.

Youth & Junior Membership Cards

  • Youth age -  Ages 13 and under
  • Junior - Ages 14 to 17
  • Please note, on the ALD USA site, that you will need to purchase the Youth Membership Card which covers both Juniors and Youth for events

Adult Membership Cards

  • Must be 18+ 
  • Allows you to enter all ALD Events


  • The cost of the ALD Membership Card for 18+ Members is $100 USD and allows you to enter into all ALD events for that season.
  • The cost of the ALD Membership Card for Youth & Juniors is $50 USD and allows you to enter into all hosted events for that season.

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