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What is Long Drive?


Long drive is a sport where competitors hit a golf ball as far as they can.

It’s exciting to watch and it has captured the attention of golfers worldwide. Participants have two minutes to hit six golf balls and the longest ball that finishes in the grid wins. Fueled by music and cheering from the stands, the energy of the event ‘drives’ competitors to hit the ball as far as possible to win. ALD Canada is a long drive tour composed of a series of events across Canada. Series events cater to all ages with hitters competing in divisions by age and gender. Once you get your Membership, members can compete in any ALD events worldwide to earn ranking points. Top points winners get selected for ALD Team Canada to compete at the ALD World Championships.

Who is ALD Canada?

ALD Canada Tour Commissioner is Fareen Samji, a 5 time ILDC Canadian Long Drive Champion. She brings a wealth of experience from her time as a professional golfer on the mini tours. Far is well-respected in the International long drive community and is passionate about growing the sport in Canada. In 2018 she was named the coach and manager for ILDC Team Canada with a mandate to recruit and develop a national long drive team. Series Directors for ALD Canada are led by professional long drivers or professional golfers ensuring that ALD Series participants will have access to a wealth of information on how to unlock their true distance potential.

To learn more about Far, visit https://farsamji.com/



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